Rajat Soni, CFA

The rich don't get richer; the financially literate get richer. Rajat Soni is a personal finance creator with 1 simple goal: teaching you the rules of money. Learning to make your money work for you is KEY if you ever want to become financially independent.

My name is Rajat, and I'd like to extend a warm welcome to my personal finance course, "Living Below Your Means."

This course was designed to help you if:

  • Your knowledge in personal finance ranges from a beginner to intermediate level.

  • You've been experiencing stress and worry because of your finances.

  • Paying off debt seems like a challenge, and you need guidance.

  • Living paycheck-to-paycheck has been a struggle, and you're willing to work to build a brighter financial future.

  • You have dreams and long-term goals, and you're eager to make them a reality.

Course curriculum

Expand each section to see subtopics

    1. Introduction to Money Mindset

    2. Give Yourself a Reason

    3. Activity #1

    4. Growth vs Fixed Mindset

    5. Rumination, Sunk Costs, and Opportunity Costs

    6. Assets & Liabilities

    7. Money Mindset Section Summary

    8. Money Mindset Section Quiz

    1. Introduction to Time Value of Money

    2. Instant vs Delayed Gratification

    3. Interest

    4. Interest Calculations

    5. The Magic of Compounding

    6. Time Value of Money Section Summary

    7. Time Value Of Money Section Quiz

    1. Introduction to Banking

    2. What is a Bank?

    3. Bank Accounts

    4. GICs and CDs

    5. Borrowing

    6. Banking Fees

    7. Banking Fees List

    8. Banking Section Summary

    9. Banking Section Quiz

    1. Introduction to Starting Your Financial Journey

    2. Your Net Worth

    3. Activity #2

    4. Setting Goals

    5. Activity #3

    6. Starting Your Financial Journey Section Summary

    7. Starting your Financial Journey Section Quiz

    1. Introduction to Expenses

    2. Tracking Your Expenses

    3. Needs VS Wants

    4. Avoid Impulse Purchases

    5. Save on Essential Expenses

    6. Save on Food & Groceries

    7. Expenses Section Summary

    8. Expenses Section Quiz

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Living Below Your Means

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